4 Best PC Speed up Software to Tune up Windows Computer (2017)

Last updated: Jan. 15, 2017

Windows PC slow speed

So your Windows PC is running very slow, and you are told that a system optimization utility can help. It's true that you can rely on a PC speed up software to fix many types of system issues thus tune up your PC performance without buying a brand new computer.

We have to warn you, however, that not all PC speed utilities are created equal and some do more harm than help, while others may not be safe to use as they fail to pass antivirus scan.

What's the best PC tune up software in 2017? Here are the top four tools we recommend based on our testing or using experience.


**Below, you'll find our expert reviews of each computer optimization software, but you can also click the links above to get the software and start to fix your sluggish PC.

How Do We Select These System Utilities? The Criteria We Use

  • Security: any downloadable applications shouldn't contain any computer virus or malicious processes. To test an application, we first download and install it to our PC. Then use BitDefender and MalwareBytes to run a full scan of the system to see if the installed program contains unsafe procedure.
  • Performance: this is the core part of our testing. An ideal PC system optimizer should live up to what it claims to do. If it can't improve our PC performance, then it's more like a scam. Since different programs have different features and functionalities, We mainly observe the performance of our PCs to see if the software really makes our PC faster. If it does, we keep it. If it doesn't, we ditch it.
  • Ease of use: the best PC speed up software should not only be powerful, but also user-friendly — suitable for users of all levels. To be frank, there are no universal standards to follow before we make an unbiased judgment on this. Thus we trust our instincts as we've tested hundreds of programs. Most of the time we have a correct say on whether a software product is well-designed or not.
  • Support: even a great product with bad customer/technical support makes the product less impressive. We value the software more if the developer offers detailed user manuals, tutorials, email support, even live chats or phone calls.
  • Compatibility: we test if the software is compatible with modern Windows operating systems such as Windows 10, 8, 7, etc. If a PC speed up tool does not support latest Windows 10, that's an indication that the software may be outdated due to lack of updates.

The Top 4 Best PC Speed up Software in 2017

Please note: all the software recommended below have passed our security test and thus they are all 100% virus free and safe to use.

Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare 10 is the most comprehensive PC optimization software that helps clean, secure and speeds up your PC within only a few clicks. The program is simple to use, with incredibly sleek interfaces and clear instructions. It won't boost your system performance like magic, but your computer will run much smoothly, have fewer slowdowns and freezing times. In short, if your PC is slow and you've no idea where to start optimizing, then look no further. IObit Advanced SystemCare is the ultimate solution.


Like its name says, CleanMyPC can be used to keep your PC much cleaner and more organized. The main benefit of the app is to free up disk space by removing system caches & logs, cleaning up registries, uninstalling programs you no longer need, etc. We also like the feature to erase files or folders securely to protect your privacy. Bottom line - if your PC is slow because an almost full hard drive, try CleanMyPC and you'll notice a decent performance boost afterward.

Iolo System Mechanic

Tagged with "Fix and speed up your PC automatically", Iolo System Mechanic does what it says. With an one-click scan, System Mechanic shows you a quick report about what's going on with your computer. You can then fix them by tweaking RAM and CPU usage, repairing problematic registry errors, defragging PC hard drive, etc. It also packs with several other useful features that help tune up system performance.

UniBlue PC Mechanic

It's safe to say that whenever your PC has a problem, UniBlue PC Mechanic has a solution to fix it. Starting with an one-click system scan, you'll have a quick overview of how your computer is performing with a list of easy-to-understand issues showing on the dashboard, waiting to be fixed. From updating outdated device drivers, optimizing hard drive performance, to boosting software launching, PC Mechanic takes care of them all.

Disclaimer: our PC speed up software reviews are based mostly on (1) our own experience in using and/or testing the modern utilities available on the market and (2) the information provided by respective developers and (3) the advice from PC experts with whom we consult. As such, please remember the recommended tuneup utilities are our opinions. Due to the complexities of computer performance issues, especially the causes for a PC to run slow vary from hardware problems to software issues. The results of PC performance optimization by using the above software may differ depending on current situations of your computer. Therefore, we kindly suggest you turn to the manufacturer or a computer technician for advice.

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